Let us build, together, the society of tomorrow

1919, Rue Lucien-Thimens,

Saint-Laurent QC H4R 1K8

(514) 228-3545

Private Daycare in Saint-Laurent

Located in the borough of Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Les Deux Oursons Day Care Centre has a warm and safe environment for your child.

We are proud to host children aged from 3 months to 5 years.

At the service of the family

At Les Deux Oursons, we develop various activity programs for the proper development of children. We provide you with a warm and safe setting to succeed in the education of your little ones. Our nursery school promotes education that contributes to the welfare of each child. We work in support of the families with the aim of providing children with quality education. We take into account the personality of each individual while respecting their own needs. We are happy to introduce your children to community life while helping them discover themselves and develop their own experiences.

Stimulating and developing the child's personality


Priority to education, safety and hygiene

Constantly concerned with ensuring the intellectual, social and motor development of the child, in 2006 we founded Les Deux Oursons Day Care Centre. We do our best to strengthen the wellbeing of the child.

You can count on us to introduce your child to community life. We support them through programs, courses and activities appropriate to their age.

Thanks to our knowledge and necessary tools, we guarantee the development of your kids physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Enjoy a childcare service that meets all your needs thanks to Les Deux Oursons Day Care Centre. We focus on education, safety and hygiene.

We prioritise health and listening.


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Bilingual nursery (French / English)
Custom kitchen (nutritional menu - halal and vegetarian available)
Several activities
Many support services offered to parents
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