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Garderie les deux oursons

1919, Rue Lucien-Thimens

Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 1K8



Opening hours

  • Mon - Fri 6.30am - 6pm
  • Sat - Sun Closed

Private Daycare in Saint-Laurent

You can find our daycare in Ville St-Laurent (near Bois-Franc) which is accessible by bus (121, 171, 70 and 215), by metro (Côte-Vertu) and by car (parking reserved for the daycare) as well as a 10-minutes drop-off zone.

From the time a child is born until the age of about 5, he or she is in the prime years of life. During this time, their imagination is at its peak and they learn at a really fast pace. Self-awareness and key social skills are formed as the child prepares for the world. As a toddler leaving the comfort of your home for the first time, they need and deserve an environment that respects their individual development and natural curiosity, while experiencing appropriate play that expands their learning.

At Les Deux Oursons daycare, we provide an environment that children love to be a part of. The child is at the heart of our daily routines and the reason we are in the field of education.  We value the uniqueness of each individual and focus on that fundamental principle in all our efforts.

Since its establishment in the heart of Ville St-Laurent in 2007, Les Deux Oursons daycare has been a meeting place for parents from the surrounding neighborhoods. The educators and I deeply believe that the harmonious evolution of a child depends on his emotional well-being and the development of his self-confidence. The foundation of the child's personality is undoubtedly the family. This is why our role is to partner with the parents in educating their children. Our professional mission is to guide the child in gaining self-knowledge.

We are always delighted to welcome you and your child to our facilities to share our educational program and approach.

We look forward to having you with us!  

Khalil, Rita 

B.Ed., S.E.N.

Nursery School Bois-Franc


At Les 2 oursons daycare, our education philosophy is based on a human approach that places the entire development of the child at the heart of our daily routines.

The general goals of the daycare are to develop the child's desire to discover and learn by promoting self-esteem through learning support adapted to each child's situation.

The mission of the daycare is to prepare children to be autonomous and responsible in order to be ready for school, to contribute to today's society and to represent tomorrow's.

We tailor our approaches to meet the realities of our environment. We offer a service that meets the needs of children as well as new immigrants who have chosen to settle in Quebec.

Nursery School Saint-Laurent

A framework that favours your child's development

Offer your child a safe and warm living environment to foster cognitive, language, social and emotional, physical and motor development. We have the knowledge and tools to meet your needs.

Nursery School Saint-Laurent
Nursery School Saint-Laurent



A place to learn and discover

We offer a variety of activities that are geared towards the proper development of children.

We have a warm and safe environment to ensure the education of children. In our educational daycare, your little one will benefit from quality teaching, that is designed to favour his well-being.

They will have the opportunity to learn to live in a community, to discover themselves and to develop their own experiences.

Our goal is to stimulate and develop your child’s personality.

Nursery School Saint-Laurent

Do not hesitate to contact us 
for more details

Nursery School Bois-Franc

Priority to education, safety and hygiene

In 2007, our private daycare was created with the main hope of contributing to the intellectual, social and motor development of the child. We focus on education, safety and hygiene.

We offer personalized assistance through programs, courses and activities adapted to the child's age.

We promote your child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Nursery School Montréal
Nursery School Montréal

Our main assets :

Bilingual daycare

On-site cooking that respects dietary restrictions.

Activities that lean towards the interests of the children.

Helping parents who need it

Accompanying children from vulnerable families in order to promote their overall development and reduce risk factors

Do not hesitate to entrust us with your child.

  • Like you, we want what's best for your child.
  • Bilingual daycare (French / English)
  • Customized kitchen (nutritional menu - halal and vegetarian available)
  • Many activities
  • Many support services offered to parents
Private Daycare in Saint Laurent

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